Batch No. 5
Black Basset
(tm) Austin Brown Ale
( AHS Southern Brown Ale)

Initial water: 2.5 gal filtered City of Austin water
Malted Grains:

0.5lb Carapils
1 lb Crystal 60L
.25lb Chocolate

Heated water to 150°, then grains steeped 15 min with heat off. Brought back to boil, then removed heat. Added

8oz malto-dextrin
5.5lb Amber malt extract

Stirring constantly. Malto-dextrin clumped but soon dissolved. Brought back to boil.


1oz Progress bittering hops, 8%AA.

Boiled 60 min. Medium heat once on boil, stirring often. Reduced heat after two or three boilovers, slow boil.

Cooled to 78° in 30 min. (Too little ice on hand, oops. Note to self: Frozen gel bags do not work well.) Added 2.5 gal Ozarka spring water and added more filtered water to make 5.25 gallons.

Initial specific gravity 1.036. Pitched yeast at 78°, approximately 8pm. No fermentation noted until 8am the morning of the 8th (36 hours). Ambient temperature 75°.