Bose 301 Woofer Foam Repair


These were my mother-in-law's speakers - she wanted something she could conceal on her entertainment center, so I traded her a set of Bose 141 bookshelf speakers we had for these. They had been sitting on a high ledge in her house for 14 years or so and were a bit dusty.

Bose 301

The woofer foam was falling out in chunks.

Rotted woofer foam

So with the aid of the nice people at Audiokarma, I got a refoaming kit from a guy there, watched this video from and replaced the speaker foam. It was pretty easy.

Disassembling...the light bulb performing overload protection:

Here is the woofer all cleaned up. The old foam disintegrated when touched but the old glue was entirely another matter. Alcohol and hard scrubbing got it off.

Clean woofer

Shims centering the voice coil. These also hold the speaker on the Z axis, which is useful when placing the foam.

Speaker shims

Inside glued. Next step is to apply glue to the outside and lower the speaker so the foam contacts the frame.

New foam

I glued the gasket on top and set the speaker upside down to dry before gluing the new dust cap on. Let it dry 24 hours before using.

And the finished product, hooked up to a Nakamichi AV-300 playing a good sound test (Depeche Mode - "In Your Room")!

Bose 301 with new foam