Jäger FBS-987 Clock Radio


I bought this radio new at the old Incredible Universe store in Arlington, around 1994 or 1995. I was a little surprised to find a manufacture date of 1992 - must have been old stock. It's probably a Chinese knockoff of some German radio design, but I thought it was the most stylish unit on the shelf, back when clock radios were mostly brown and bricklike (that is, if bricks had fake woodgrain stickers). I think the price was $49. It had neat features for the time - stereo wide sound, dual progressive alarms, automatic dimmer, and rather surprisingly a headphone jack and auxiliary input on the back...the only real flaw it has is that the reception is pretty bad and takes some fiddling to tune in properly. It was also rather odd in that the button located where the snooze button is on all other clock radios is actually the "off" button. The snooze button is the round button on the right side, and this caused me problems at first, but eventually I learned to press the right button in my sleep.

Recently, the tuner and switches started acting up, so I took it apart and sprayed a little Deoxit in critical places and it's working just fine again.

Jager clock radio