Get off the computer and make some friends--it's good for you.

I met Anne during one of my first forays into IRC. We quickly got to be friends, and saw each other through a slew of failed life, loves, and politics, not to mention poetry and sand sculptures. She's the most creative person I've ever met (and I'm guilty of stealing a few ideas from her--so sue me.), and beautiful, and she has taught me much. Peace, Miss Flower.




Sar and I trade bleary-eyed emails in the early morn, and she sends me lots of funny jokes to keep my spirits up during the day. She is a Web WonderWoman, as well, and gave me my first Javascript!!!!




Ultrviolt--I won't say it, I won't say Baby Baby Light My Way--oh, dammit, there I go. I have been many places and seen many strange things, but when I went to see Ultr in Cabaret, it was a pretty surreal experience. I saw a tap dancing cash register, I dressed up like Robert Smith, went to eat with a girl with blue hair, and drove the Rx-7 like an avalanche coming down the mountain. Live a love of life.




Anne's true love Chris lives up there in the Windy City--he's gonna take it by storm with his band A New January. Just don't set it on fire, dude--it already burned down once. (Check out his CD--ten bucks gets you in the groove.)






I used to think grEy was a bit gloomy, but since, I discovered a warmth and a caring that few people possess. You have to earn it though...don't go looking for free handouts. (She's also quite beautiful, and smarter than me, because she knows UNIX!)





yeah...yeah...I know...this is rather a sparse collection of friends, here, but trust me. I have more. I also have a dog. They're in the works. If you were on here and I deleted you, don't feel bad; it doesn't mean I don't like you.

friendz> let's see.. I'm not sure, but i know isii can't sleep.. cuz he's here


Funny how things change.My time on #depeche has pretty much run its course, I think. I met a lot of cool people there, but most of them (and I) drifted off to bigger and better things, and no one knows me now. Time will come, time will fall. That being the case, those of you who fell in here looking for the official #depeche page or whatever--try Tony's or Metin's. enjoy!