It is my mind and my hands putting what I think into digital expression.

Nearly everything here was created using the following:

a hybrid 486/80
Apple Powerbook 140
Microsoft Word
Paint Shop Pro
Kai's Power Tools
Hitachi S-900, S-806c, S-5000, and S-4160 scanning electron microscopes
Micrion 908 focused ion beam
GIF Construction Set

The map logo on the main page is the autoalignment screen of a Hitachi MAX880 automatic wafer inspection system.

The SEM pictures were taken during the course of my normal work.

The following people have my thanks (I know this is a little pretentious for a home page, but what the heck):

Anne, for sending me in new directions;

Digitalchainsaw, ( for doing what should have been done years ago--providing a low-cost way to do whatever you want. Go to them, use them, thank them.


No thanks:
AOL, for making it so damned hard to FTP anything, and just for generally sucking.
Windows 95, for screwing up all my filenames with ~'s and making me get all new software;
Everyone whose software demos expire after 14 days (how am I supposed to figure out if I like it or not???
16450 UART serial cards;
my brain, for not working when I need it to.....